How to send online invitations with RSVP's

Sending online invitations to your party guests couldn't be more easily made once you use service. We offer you a range of tools that will help you to organize your event and make it a successful one that your guest will remember for life.

No matter if your event is a wedding, birthday, baby shower or retirement party, here you can fine all the tools that you need for your event, and main tool is the online invitations that will allow your guests to send confirmations so you can track all invitees.

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Our Services

Well for starters we offer invitation services, the standard online invitation and online invitations with RSVP. It does not matter if you are arranging a birthday party, a wedding party or a dinner. We will be more than happy to provide online invitation services to your guests. You can do it for free on our website, plus we also give the user the handle to track RSVP's, in this way you get a heads up about who has seen the invitation and who will be joining you in the spectacular event. Following is the list of services provided by our website;

1. Create and design invitations

You can visit our website at any time and create and design your own invitations for free. It is a simple process, all you have to do is to select the theme of your party and add information over the page. The information can be the names of hosts holding the party, venue and time of the party. Furthermore, you can add personalised photographs, texts and other notes and reminders as well. It is fun and straightforward.

2. Manage guests list

Once you have done with the invitation itself, you can now plan the guest list accordingly. Our website will provide you with a simple layout of the things like name, guest priority for RSVP tracking and their allegiance with the hosts. (if they are close family or friends) And you can create the whole list of the guests. It is an excellent initiative regarding managing the number of guests and other people according to your budget and more importantly save time. These are the party supplies we deal in.

3. Send and Receive RSVP online

Once you have prepared the invitation card and sorted out the guest list, our system requests you to enter the point of contact with the guests. It can be a mobile phone or an email address. (whatever you prefer) When sending an invitation, a link and QR code of that particular guest will be generated both on your sides and the side of the guest. Whenever they click the link or scan the QR code, their presence at the party will be confirmed. It is an excellent initiative as you can track both the RSVP and guests arriving at the same time. What could be a more valid party offer than this?

4. Event organisation

Even when you are hosting a themed event like a dance/music party or other likewise functions, we have still got you covered. We can arrange for all possible events and can provide effective supplies or even artist/people to rock the party. In need of any assistance in this regard feel free to visit our website and create a free account.

Finally, no matter if you choose our services or not… we wish you congratulations and may your event will be the best event ever

To get your free invitations, please register here: Free Online Invitations Registration